Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Florida Senate

I emailed every Florida state Senator encouraging them to support Senator Joe Negron's SB 92- "Freedom of Unwanted Surveillance Act" in the 2013 Legislative Session, which prohibits any law enforcement agency from using unmanned drones to gather evidence or other information with the exception of countering a high risk of a terrorist attack.  SB 92 also prohibits the use of any evidence to be used in a court of law in violation of this law. I told them that SB 92 is an important and necessary bill not only to insure the right of Florida citizens to be let alone, but also to prevent any “Law enforcement agency” from  going  on “fishing trips” for any code or regulatory violations as a means to generate revenue in difficult times. I also sent my Lawless America Congressional Testimony video as an example of how hi-tech surveillance can and will be abused by law enforcement if not subject to effective oversight.

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