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Monday, October 7, 2013

NEWSNIGHT: Glenn Greenwald full interview on Snowden, NSA, GCHQ and spying

Why did Snowden go to Greenwald and not the NYT, Washington Post, Senators McCann, Graham, Feinstein, Congressman Pelosi, ACLU, or NSA IG? That's a rhetorical question. (If you don't hear any sound, check the speaker icon on the YouTube video player. If you see an "X" it's on "Mute". Clicking the X, or dragging the Volume Slider with your mouse will un-mute the sound for YouTube videos.)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Florida Senate

I sent FL Gov. Rick Scott a letter last month requesting the appointment of a special prosecutor (outside the 14th Judicial District)to investigate charges of illegal surveillance by law enforcement and to investigate State Attorney Glenn Hess' failure to respond to a FL Public Record Request (a criminal offense). I also sent copies of my letter to each member of the FL Senate. Only one replied. Senator Joe Negron said that he forwarded my correspondence to my own senator, Don Gaetz. I had also sent a copy of my letter to Gaetz, but he didn't reply. After 3 weeks when the Governor still hadn't replied, I requested Sen. Gaetz's office to ask the governor on my behalf why he hadn't replied to my letter. They agreed. After a few weeks passed, I contacted Sen. Gaetz's office for an update. They supposedly hadn't asked the Gov. yet and stopped replying to my inquiries.

Both Gov. Scott and Sen. Gaetz are purportedly constitutional, rule of law, and transparency in government believing conservatives. I think not. It's just political shtick. So I petitioned the White House to ask FL Gov Scott why he didn't reply to my letter, because that's what it will take. You'd think a simple yes or no wouldn't be so hard to get.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FL Governor Rick Scott request for appointment of a special prosecutor

USPS confirmed delivery of my EXPRESS MAIL letter (copy pasted in below) to FL Gov. Rick Scott  on July 8, 2013. On July 24, 2013, FL Senator Don Gaetz's office promised to check with Governor Scott's office regarding why the Governor had not replied to it. Almost two months have passed since USPS confirmed receipt by the Governor's office, and yet the Governor still hasn't replied. And Senator Gaetz's office supposedly has not asked the Governor about my letter, but also stopped replying to my inquiries. A simple reply with a simple yes or no appears too much for our "transparent," "conservative," and "Constitutional supporting" governor.

                                              EXPRESS MAIL EU 966534186 US

July 6, 2013

Office of Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida   The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

            Re: Request for Appointment of a Special Prosecutor

Dear Governor Scott,

I am requesting the Appointment of a Special Prosecutor outside the 14th Judicial Circuit per s. 119.07(1), Florida Statues (F.S.), s.119.10(2), s.119.07, s.119.10(1)(a),F.S.,s.838.022(1)(b). F.S., part II of chapter 27, Florida Statues, and section 27.14, Florida Statues.  14th Judicial District State Attorney, Glenn Hess, is knowingly violating the Public Records in order to conceal and cover up criminal misconduct by Florida law enforcement agencies and officers, the West Florida Electric Cooperative Association (WFECA), former State Attorney Steve Meadows and his Chief Assistant State attorney, William A. Lewis, and other present and former public officials, including former Attorney General and Governor Charlie Crist. State Attorney Hess has a conflict of interest,which disqualifies him from representing the state in investigating my criminal charges againstnot only Florida law enforcement agencies, but the 14th Judicial District State Attorney Office itself.

These on-going criminal violations, including illegal electronic surveillance, harassment, and obstruction of justice by Florida law enforcement agencies, officers, and the State Attorney’s Office, are an “open secret” and have gone on entirely too long, threatening the integrity of the entire 14th Judicial District. Could someone privy to this abuse attempt to use their knowledge to influence the court in some manner or obtain other favors?  Only a special prosecutor outside the 14th Judicial Circuit appointed by the Governor could fairly and independently investigate these disturbing and troubling questions.

My charges and attempts to get help not only from the Governor’s Office, former FDLE Executive Investigations Director Jamie McLaughlin, Inspector Generals for both the Governor and FDLE, but other state departments and agencies are well documented, archived, and readily available. What follows is a brief history that summarizes the criminal activity, including cover-ups, by the respective agencies and departments. When I first suspected illegal electronic surveillance by law enforcement, I wrote West Florida Electric Cooperative VP & CEO Bill Rimes requesting that he conduct a search of the utility’s property (utility poles, lines, transformers, etc) for any illegal attachments. He wrote back that he takes my concerns seriously, none of the utility’s employees were involved and that he forwarded my correspondence to the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office. I didn’t hear from the sheriff until two weeks later when he hovered
over my residence one evening for about ½ hour in a Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement (FDLE)
helicopter piloted by his first cousin. A large infrared device was mounted beneath the helicopter. Purportedly they were attempting to apprehend a suspect, who had fled with the evidence from a drug.

Earlier that day, an FDLE agent disguised as a FedEx driver delivered 3.5 lbs of meth to my neighbor. Just as his wife was signing for the parcel, my neighbor arrived home, snatched the evidence, and ran. He escaped a gaggle of FDLE agents and continued to elude them for some time. The FDLE had not notified the sheriff of their intended sting, but picked him up to accompany them just before it. The FDLE arrested my neighbor’s wife, who had signed for the parcel. FDLE Agents came back that same night on the unbelievable pretext of apprehending her husband, who had escaped with the 3.5 lbs of meth earlier that day and supposedly returned home to be snatched by FDLE agents waiting for him. However, I was the actual
target. I heard a non-military helicopter performing a token “search” (less than a minute) over my neighbors’ residences to the north and north-west, I knew that it was a police helicopter when the helicopter did a bee-line to my residence. I put the dogs in the van, tripped the security lights, and walked around the backyard with the helicopter’s spotlight following me. At no time did the helicopter go anywhere near the “fleeing fugitive’s” house to the south. My “profilers” intended to provoke a violent confrontation and then remove their illegal surveillance devices in the aftermath (these devices have serial numbers and are inventoried). When I didn’t react as anticipated, the helicopter quickly flew away and called in
reinforcements. I had a number of camouflaged agents run by in “hot-pursuit” of an imaginary non-existing fleeing fugitive. Afterward I asked them if this wasn’t a lot of trouble for one person. One of the agents agreed. Despite losing 3.5 lbs of meth and never conducting an official investigation of the “missing drugs,” all the FDLE agents in my backyard that evening received subsequent promotions. Is it an FDLE practice to reward incompetence and failure or were they being rewarded for keeping quiet?

Shortly following the “disappearance” and non-investigation of the “disappearance” of 3.5 lbs.of meth, law enforcement harassment significantly increased. The FDLE even went to a family member’s place of employment during their so-called “investigation(s).” When her employers could stop laughing long enough, they told her that the FDLE had visited and even said that she’s a “pot-head.” These “men” never questioned her as part of their so-called “investigation.” The entire purpose was to discredit and slander her by innuendo to discredit her as a witness. These sorry clowns even brought a drug sniffing dog to check her vehicle at work supposedly looking for the “disappeared” 3.5 lbs of meth, whose “disappearance” has never been officially investigated to this day. For that matter, an official investigation was never officially initiated.

My neighbor turned himself in a day or two later. The trial was big news and received a lot of local publicity. The sheriff (who the FDLE suspected was involved in my neighbors’ business) declared a “War on Meth,” and subscribers to the local weekly newspaper were bombarded with reports of every subsequent drug arrest, the overwhelming majority of which were thrown out of court. This so-called “War on Meth” only produced a lot of very expensive statistics. Suddenly, Holmes County supposedly became the reported center of all meth production and distribution, which would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. Sometime before here criminal trial, my neighbor’s wife told me that the entire area was “bugged.” She then apologized for the FDLE late night helicopter incident. She also told me that the FDLE offered her a “deal” if she’d
implicate the sheriff in her operations. She told me that she declined the offer and would rather do the time. Just as quickly as my neighbors’ arrest was big news and received a lot publicity, the story died. The judge dismissed the case when both the State Attorney and FDLE refused to turn over requested documents. The requested evidence would prove my charges. The state didn’t attempt to retry them. Incidentally, the DEA didn’t get involved in this case, because they said that the “FDLE mishandled it.” Within two weeks following his election, the new sheriff busted the biggest pot grower/distributor in the region. The new sheriff remarked that the drug dealer went “under the radar” for a number of years. Perhaps if the “radar” was pointed at the largest drug dealer in the region rather than me, his operation might have been“busted” sooner?

The authorities and the West Florida Electric Cooperative had no intention of investigating this abuse and certainly not accepting any responsibility, but only using their power and influence to do what they regarded as necessary to cover-up. Three electronic surveillance experts all confirmed the presence of illegal law enforcement surveillance devices on the utility poles (mouned on the transformers, concealed either in the lightening arrester or fuse) serving the house and grounds. These devices can “bug” between 20-40 acres and frequently used in surveillance of rural areas. They’re identified by serial numbers and inventoried. All three refused to supply their reports. The first one said that the police would arrest me if he supplied his report. His lawyer refused to hand over his client’s report. The second one confirmed devices on the poles and a tracking device in a vehicle. He refused to supply his report, saying that he’d lose his Florida Private Investigator license (former NYC cop on disability pension-shot in a drug bust) and wold have to work a  minimum wage job if he lost his license. He identified Audio Intelligence Devices (AIDs)as the manufacturer and supplier to law enforcement agencies of the “bugs” o the utility poles. Hearsay has it that AIDs was a CIA front. AIDs had two division: manufacture and training. G. Gordon Liddy took over the mission of the training branch after Hurricane Andrew destroyed their Homestead, Florida facilities. The manufactur-
Ing division was sold a few years ago and the training branch spun off as a separate entity. The third expert- from Virginia- had a conflict of interest-he was personal friends with Liddy. He also refused to turn over his report.

The FDLE and Holmes County Sheriff’s Department had a practice and pattern at the time of employing illegal electronic surveillance. I had moved to the area sometime earlier and they just included me in their surveillance net without the benefit of any warrant. They also failed to get warrants for my neighbors. The fact that I was a former IRS whistle-blower may have influenced their decision to do so.

I petitioned then Gov. Jeb Bush to investigate my charges. Governor Bush forwarded copies of My petition to former FDLE Executive Investigations Director Jamie McLaughlin, and former FDLE Commissioner Guy Tunnel. Director McLaughlin dismissed my petition with the pretext: “There does not appear to be a criminal predicate which would warrant investigation by the Office of Executive Investigations.” Commissioner Tunnel never responded. Incidentally, Jamie McLaughlin, who I late charged with official misconduct, suddenly and unexpectedly resigned The day after the USPS confirmed delivery of my letter to then Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist charging him and others with criminal electronic surveillance and criminal cover-up. Guy Tunnel later resigned due to another matter, and then State Attorney Steve Meadows’ office
hired Mr. Tunnel as an investigator.

I petitioned Governor Bush again. This time the Governor suggested that I bring evidence of my Charges to the state attorney. I did, including a VHS videotape. State Attorney Steve Meadows Never replied. I filed a Florida Public Records Request. The SAO didn’t respond. I then sent an email to then AG Charlie Crist asking if I should file my PRR with him. His office replied that I filed it correctly with the state attorney. Short time later, I received an email from a secretary with the 14th Judicial District SAO telling me that they never received my certified letter and evidence that the USPS confirmed delivery and that they signed for, and that the Chief Assistant State Attorney William A. Lewis would handle my PPR himself, and gave me his telephone number. I suspect that AG Crist contacted SA Meadows. The Chief Assistant State Attorney
attempted to lead me down the primrose path of obfuscation and cover-up. When I realized That he didn’t intend to help, I asked him directly if either he or Tunnel viewed the VHS video. He replied that he didn’t have to answer my question. He later sent me an email saying that there’s no basis to my charges. I filed another PPR with the 14th Judicial District SAO requesting a copy of their investigative file. He sent me copies of correspondence and tampered with copy of the VHS tape, but no file, Report of Investigation (ROI), or even log sheet. I then wrote newly elected Governor Charlie Crist and asked for mediation regarding my PRR through his new open government program that had instituted. An official at the newly formed office told me that I qualified for the program, however, the state agency has to agree to the mediation, which Steve Meadows’ SAO didn’t.

Someone in Citizen Services eventually replied that the Governor wasn’t going to “second guess” a state attorney. The “Honorable” didn’t have to second guess anyone. He had first had knowledge, beginning with when he was still the Florida Attorney General. I repeated all my steps with the new State Attorney Glenn Hess (the voters had second guessed Steve Meadows, who was a disgrace to the office, and elected Hess). I supplied State Attorney Hess with the same correspondence, evidence, and VHS tape with even more disappointing results. This time the SAO didn’t even reply to my charges and subsequent Florida Public Records for all documents related to my complaint. This isn’t a case of the SAO exercising their discretion, but rather ignoring the law and covering up crimes and abuse by Florida law enforcement. That’s not the purpose of government.

A retired FDLE Agent asked me, “Why is this (illegal electronic surveillance) still going on? That’s a good question. One answer is that the FDLE believes that by continuing what amounts to a form of psychological torture that they can compel me to acquiesce to their illegal surveillance? Another is that they don’t have anything to worry about and will be protected?

 Does the rule of law exist in Florida? When did public servants stop being held accountable for their criminal conduct and abuse of authority? Are law enforcement agencies and officers exempt from the same laws that they enforce against Florida citizens? Can those in positions of authority and public trust continue to ignore both the US and Florida Constitutions, and allow those sworn to protect, defend, and enforce them to repeatedly violate both? The integrity of not only Florida law enforcement, but also the integrity and trust of the 14 Judicial District itself is threatened by the above criminal misconduct.

In conclusion, 14th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Hess and the 14th Judicial District itself has an
inherent conflict of interest in investigating my charges, which disqualifies him to represent the
state in any investigation of this matter in the 14th Judicial Circuit. Good and sufficient reason
exists that the ends of justice would best be served appoint a special prosecutor to discharge
the duties of State Attorney Hess with respect to investigating the above criminal violations by
Florida law enforcement and officers, present and former public officials, and others. (See
Section 27.14, Florida Statues) As allowed under part II of chapter 27, Florida Statues. I am
Requesting that you to assign a Special Prosecutor to investigate these criminal violations.
Please reply by July 19, 2013. Thank you.

Joe Keegan
Bonifay, FL 32425-6806

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Responding to your message

 I received an email from US Senator Marco Rubio entitled, Responding to your message, dated August 5, 2013, sent 5:01 PM. However, I didn't send it. Someone is using my name and email to send messages to US Senator Marco Rubio. Someone- possibly the same person- also did this last month. I sent the following message to Senator Rubio regarding this impersonation:

I just checked my email and noticed another email message from Senator Rubio responding to some message that I never sent to him. This one was entitled "Responding to your message" and sent today, August 5, 2013, at 5:01 PM. regarding NSA's data collection programs. Whatever was sent, I didn't send it. Someone is using my name and email address again.

I received an earlier email from Sen. Rubio entitled "Interim Response," dated July 15, 2013 at 9:31 PM, saying that he received my correspondence. I didn’t mail that one, either; however,I did reply to it on July 16, 2013 advising the Senator that I didn't send it. I also phoned the office number provided and spoke to a Sarah. I told her that I didn’t send any message to the Senator. Sarah said that she's the one that receives the emails here in Florida. Again, I didn't send any email to Senator Rubio regarding NSA's data collection program. If you have any questions or concerns, please either email or phone. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Interim Response

I receive an email from Sen. Rubio entitled "Interim Response," dated July 15, 2013 at 9:31 PM, saying that he received my correspondence. I didn’t mail him anything. I did reply to his Interim Response. A copy is pasted in below, which I emailed this morning, July 16, 2013:

I received an email message from you saying that you've received my correspondence and to look for your response in the near future. One problem: I didn't mail you anything. For that matter, up until this email, I haven't emailed you anything, either. However, I did email each Florida State Senator with some concerns. If one of the state senators or their office forwarded the information that I sent to them to you, then please look at it. If some group purporting to represent me mailed you something on "my behalf," then please disregard it. Thank you.

I also called Senator Rubio’s office this morning, July 16, a little after 9:00 am. I spoke to a Sarah.  I told her that I didn’t send any message to Rubio yesterday, but recently I did send messages to state senators. She said that she receives all the emails there at the Senator’s Florida office.About 10:25 am this morning, I sent another email to Senator Rubio requesting a copy of whatever was sent yesterday:

When I checked my email this morning, July 16, I had received an "Interim Response" from Senator Rubio, dated July 15, 2013 at 9:31 PM. I never sent any correspondence or email to Senator Rubio yesterday. I did send him an email this morning advising him of that. Around 9:00 am this morning, I phoned the number provided in Senator Rubio's email and spoke to a Sarah. I advised her that I didn't send any message yesterday, but I did send one this morning and read her the message that I sent this morning. Sarah said that she's the one that receives the emails here in Florida.

I'm requesting that you send me or forward me a copy of the correspondence or message that I supposed sent to you yesterday, July 15, sometime around 9:31 PM. Thank you.