Monday, July 30, 2012

No Caller ID

Phone rang 6:30 am this morning, I didn't pick up, the answering message played, but the caller left no message. A hang up caller or a caller leaving a crank message is not unusual or even a crank caller blocking his/her phone number ID is not unusual, but what is somewhat unusual is not getting any message on the screen that the caller's phone number is blocked or out of the area covered by caller ID. Instead, the answering machine picked up, played the message, and then recorded the silence all without displaying anything on the caller ID screen other than the day, date, and time information.

Other than the usual, such as people complaining about an incredible echo on my phone or else asking if I'm on speaker phone when I'm not, the unusual has began occurring again. For example, the phone will start making the noise as though knocked off the hook and when I go to hang it up I notice that it's still on the hook. Once when trying to stop the noise, I picked up the receiver and distinctly heard someone on the other end of the line hang up. IMO- that's unusual. I wonder what "they" are trying to do?

Monday, July 9, 2012


Interesting communication that I received this morning from a FL law firm. I had contacted the firm on the suggestion of an organization. Left one message on the answering service that I would call back. When I called back, I spoke to someone that said they would forward my explanation of my situation. When I didn't receive any reply, I completed and submitted an inquiry form that they have on their website. I didn't receive any reply to that, either. So, this morning I submitted another inquiry via their website as to whether or not they're interested in my case. This time one of the partners did reply. He said that I already inquired numerous times (never received a reply), that I had an in person consultation with his partner, and they're not interested and don't know any lawyer that can handle it. He also said to stop contacting them and wished me luck.

However, I did contact him just a short time ago by replying to his email. I told him that if his partner had an in person consultation, it wasn't with me. If his partner met with someone, it was someone masquerading as me. I never met with anyone, discussed details of this matter on the phone, or even went to the city where they're located anytime during the past several months.