Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Snail mail tail wind

I mailed my reply to Gov. Crist's response to my email on Sept. 29. The USPS estimated date of delivery was Oct. 1. USPS Track & Confirm verified "Arrival at Unit" Tallahassee FL on Oct. 3 and "Delivered" Oct. 4. I received the certified return receipt stamped received by OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR CITIZEN SERVICES today Oct. 5, 2010. I guess the snail had a tail wind out of Tallahassee.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reply to response from Governor's Office

CERTIFIED MAIL RECEIPT NUMBER 7010 1670 0001 1551 5938

Sept. 29, 2010
Office of Governor Charlie Crist
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
Attn: Gov. Charlie Crist

Dear Governor Crist:

Mr. Fusillo from the Office of Citizen Services replied to the email link that I sent to you regarding my “OPEN LETTER TO GOVERNOR CHARLIE CRIST.” (see attached email, dated Sep 27, 2010) Mr. Fusillo said that you asked him to respond on your behalf. In effect, according to Mr. Fusillo, you said: “Sue me.” I find this unbelievable. I advised you of on-going and continuous criminal violations and cover-ups by Florida law enforcement agencies and the 14th Judicial District State Attorney’s Office. Florida law enforcement and the state attorney’s office continue to deny my charges. Did you read my letter? Did you find it credible? Do you know if there are illegal Florida law enforcement devices on the utility poles servicing my residence? Assistant Attorney General Joslyn Wilson even suggested that I contact you, which I did, requesting the appointment of a special prosecutor outside the 14th Judicial Circuit. The law certainly does not limit you in these matters. If you haven’t read my “OPEN LETTER TO GOVERNOR CHARLIE CRIST” yet, please do so, because if you don’t know about this abuse of authority, you should.

If, indeed, you did tell Mr. Fusillo that I should sue you and this is your position, another way to resolve this matter is mediation. I’ve read that no decision or actions can be imposed on any party unless they all agree. There’s no commitment involved in agreeing to mediation other than showing up and sitting down with a neutral third person who will try to help us work out a solution. I’m willing to try mediation if you are. Please give me the courtesy of a reply. Thank you.


Joe Keegan

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Response from Governor's Office

I received an email from the Governor's office on Monday, Sept. 27, 2020, responding to the link that I sent them to my "Open Letter to Charlie Crist." I pasted in the text below:

Dear Mr. Keegan,

Thank you for contacting Governor Charlie Crist. The Governor appreciates your concerns and asked me to respond on his behalf.

The Florida Constitution limits the Governor's intervention in matters that should be resolved through the court system. The person who can best assist you with your legal concerns is an attorney. The Florida Bar offers a Lawyer Referral Service which you may contact by calling toll-free at (800) 342-8011, or by writing to 651 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2300.

For those unable to afford a lawyer, Florida Legal Services or the county legal aid association has information about the availability of pro bono counsel. The main telephone number of Florida Legal Services is (850) 385-7900. You can access this information by visiting the Florida Bar's website at www.floridabar.org.

Thank you again for contacting the Governor's office.


Dustin Fusillo
Office of Citizen Services

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Dear Gov. Crist,

I first wrote to you when you were Attorney General. I advised you that I was subject to illegal electronic surveillance and harassment by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Holmes County Sheriff’s Department. I charged then FDLE Director of Executive Investigations Jamie McLaughlin, among others, with being either directly or indirectly involved with the illegal electronic surveillance, misuse of official position, threatening witnesses, obstruction of justice, and cover-up. Director McLaughlin suddenly and unexpectedly resigned the day after the USPS confirmed that your office received my letter. I explained to you how both these Florida law enforcement agencies have an inherent conflict of interest investigating my charges. I also requested an independent investigation. You never replied to my letter.

Gov. Bush, however, replied to the letter that I sent to him charging Florida law enforcement with illegal surveillance. Gov. Bush forwarded my letter to then FDLE Director of Executive Investigations Jamie McLaughlin. Director McLaughlin refused to investigate my charges. In my letter, I told Gov. Bush the same facts that I told you. Three electronic surveillance experts that I identified all verified electronic surveillance devices on the utility poles located on private property servicing my residence, but each one refused to supply any signed report either confirming or denying the existence of these devices. The standard practice is to provide the client with such a report immediately after the “sweep” or else within a few days. The first two were threatened. One told me that he’d lose his Florida Private Investigator license if he supplied his report. The third one had a conflict of interest that he didn’t disclose. He was close personal friends with an individual associated with the manufacturer of these surveillance devices. When I wrote William S. Rimes, then VP and CEO of the West Florida Electric Co-Operative, requesting that WFEC search their utility poles for unauthorized attachments, Mr. Rimes wrote back that he takes my charges seriously, questioned the appropriate employees, and forwarded my letter to the Sheriff of Holmes County for appropriate action.

The Sheriff’s first contact was late one evening when he hovered over the house for more than ½ hr in an FDLE helicopter purportedly searching for a neighbor who they attempted to pickup at his home that evening. Earlier in the day, an FDLE Agent disguised as a FedEx driver delivered a 3.5 lb. package of meth to his home during an apparent drug bust. My neighbor arrived home as the sting was in progress, grabbed the package that his wife signed for, and escaped with the evidence. The FDLE returned later that evening on the pretext of apprehending him at his home, but targeted my residence instead. The FDLE and Sheriff knew that my neighbor hadn’t returned home. No rational person would believe that someone who ran off with 3.5 lbs of drugs earlier that day would return home later that same evening. I was the actual target and not my neighbor. The entire event was contrived in an attempt to provoke a violent incident and then remove their bugs in the aftermath. When I didn’t react as my “profilers” anticipated, the Sheriff who was in the FDLE helicopter piloted by his first cousin ordered the agents to storm the grounds in hot pursuit of my imaginary fleeing neighbor. The FDLE never conducted an official investigation of the missing 3.5 lb. package of meth. All FDLE Agents that stormed my residence that evening subsequently received promotions. Apparently losing 3.5 lbs of meth, never conducting an official investigation of its disappearance, and allowing a suspect to escape with the evidence is the basis for FDLE promotion.

My neighbor’s wife later told me that the entire area was “bugged.” The three electronic surveillance experts all confirmed that the “bugs” were located on the utility poles and could surveil 20-40 acres. She also told me that the FDLE offered her a “deal” if she’d implicate the Sheriff in her operation, but that she refused to do so. She said that she’d prefer to “do the time” instead. I suspect that the FDLE and State Attorney offered her another “deal,” because the judge declared a mistrial in that case because the State Attorney and FDLE withheld evidence and testimony. Why would the State Attorney and FDLE withhold evidence in a criminal case? I suspect that the withheld evidence and testimony would prove my charges. Incidentally, the DEA refused to get involved in this case because of the FDLE’s mishandling of it. A retired DEA Agent told me that there are cover-ups.

In response to another letter, Governor Bush encouraged me to bring any evidence of my charges to my State Attorney and advised me that he forwarded a copy of my letter to then FDLE Commissioner Guy Tunnel, who never contacted me regarding the Governor’s referral. State Attorney Steve Meadows subsequently hired the former FDLE Commissioner as an investigator in his office following Mr. Tunnel’s resignation over another incident. I mailed compelling evidence, including a VHS videotape, to State Attorney Steve Meadows, but he never replied to it or my follow-up letters. After months passed, I filed a Florida Public Records Request with the State Attorney’s Office requesting all records and documents related to my charges. The SAO did not reply to my Public Records Request, either. You were still Attorney General at the time and I wrote to your office inquiring if I should file my Public Records Request with the Attorney General’s Office since the State Attorney’s Office refused to reply. Your office indicated that I correctly filed my request with the State Attorney’s Office. Shortly afterwards, Chief Assistant State Attorney William A. Lewis contacted me. Eventually he responded to my Public Records Request by supplying copies of some of the evidence that I sent to State Attorney Meadows and a tampered with copy of the VHS tape. He didn’t supply the investigative file or any related records indicating that he didn’t investigate my charges. He knew that they were true and was covering-up. In subsequent communications, Chief Assistant State Attorney Lewis wrote that I wasn’t credible, but told me to continue to communicate with him. Mr. Lewis was giving me “the go-round.” I eventually managed to talk to him. I asked Chief Assistant State Attorney Lewis directly whether or not he, Mr. Tunnel, and/or State Attorney Meadows viewed the VHS tape that I sent to the SAO. Chief Assistant State Attorney Lewis said that he doesn’t have to answer my questions. Chief Assistant State Attorney Lewis answered my question by not answering my question.

In another event, I appeared as summoned at the Holmes County courthouse for jury duty. I was prospective juror #37. After Clerk of the Court Cody Taylor explained the procedures, he asked if anyone wanted to talk to the judge about being excused from jury duty. I raised my hand. I intended to present evidence of my charges to the judge. Taylor called a one half hour recess and waved me over to him. He laughed and said that "the judge doesn’t want to talk to you" and excused me from jury duty.

Steve Meadows served one term. Former judge Glenn Hess replace him as the new State Attorney. I wrote State Attorney Hess and supplied him with the same evidence that I supplied his predecessor. When State Attorney Hess’ office failed to reply to my charges, I filed a Public Records Request seeking all records related to my charges. When Glenn Hess’ office refused to reply to my Public Records Request, I wrote your Office of Open Government, which you instituted as the newly elected governor to insure transparency and accountability. As with the former State Attorney before, the new State Attorney refused to supply records and didn’t agree to open mediation, which ended the process.

I wrote Attorney General Bill McCollum’s office regarding my charges and failure of both former Attorney Steve Meadows and State Attorney Glenn Hess to reply to either my charges or Public Records Request. Unlike your SAO, Assistant Attorney General Joslyn Wilson replied to my charges and suggested that I contact your office regarding the appointment of a special prosecutor outside my Judicial Circuit. I wrote to you per Assistant Attorney General Wilson’s suggestion and you still haven’t replied. I also wrote to you as Governor asking you the same question that a retired FDLE Agent asked me: Why is this still going on? You didn’t reply to that letter, either.

A neighbor privy to the illegal surveillance and other law enforcement machinations told me that “there are powerful forces” and “you can’t do anything.” So, does the rule of law still exist in Florida or not? Are the U.S. Constitution and Florida Constitution meaningless in the State of Florida? Are the public servants who enforce the rules and statutes of Florida exempt from the very same laws that they enforce against Florida citizens? How is what I’ve briefly summarized above not misprision of felony (USC, TITLE 18, Part 1, Chapter 1 & 4)? Not only have Florida law enforcement and public officials failed to report a known felony, but also actively concealed the felony. Please give me the courtesy of a reply. Thank you.

Joe Keegan
Bonifay, FL 32425