Monday, April 23, 2012

Emailed Request for Appointment of a Special Prosecutor to Gov. Scott

Unfortunately, Gov. Scott didn't reply to my request for the Appointment of a Special Prosecutor, so I emailed him a copy of my request this morning. I included the following introductory paragraph:

Dear Governor Scott,
I’ve pasted in below my letter, dated March 28, 2012, to you requesting the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. The USPS verified delivery to your office on March 30, 2012. In the event that my letter was misplaced, I’ve pasted the text to it in below. In the event that my letter was lost, please regard this as my Request for Appointment of a Special Prosecutor. I’d appreciate the courtesy of a reply. Thank you.
Joe Keegan

I've had two White Houses and one Vice President personally reply to my letters reporting misconduct and abuse of authority in the past. They replied within two weeks. It's been more than that and Gov. Scott still hasn't expressed any concern whatsoever for the rights of one of his constituents. 

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