Sunday, January 29, 2012


A friend, who is an activist, emailed me this past Friday. The threats, intimidation, and harassment directed at him have increased. He asked me about my own situation. I shared my fairly recent experience with jury duty. I had appeared as summoned. The last time that I was summoned, I requested to speak to the judge in private. After the clerk of the court spoke to the judge regarding such requests, he came over to me half laughing and said that the judge didn't want to talk to me and dismissed me from jury duty. This recent incident was different, however. I appeared as summoned, and noticed that the court was dismissing just about everyone. The same clerk of the court announced that if anyone wanted to talk to the judge to raise their hand. I didn't, because I figured since the judge didn't want to talk to me last time, then he won't want to talk to me this time, either. The clerk of the court came over to where I was sitting a number of times and appeared to be trying to get me to talk to the judge. I wanted to, but I didn't trust this clerk and the 14th Judicial District in general, so I didn't raise my hand. I figured that if I talk, I'll do it on the stand. The judge finally comes out and sits on the bench. He announced that they had settled all the issues earlier and that there won't be any trials this week, and dismissed everyone that the court hadn't already dismissed from jury duty. So, my question was: Why did they summon people for jury duty in the first place and then have everyone request to be dismissed? Why summon people for jury duty or at least just send them home when they arrived for the process?

I suspect some defendant or party knowledgeable about my circumstances, which is an "open secret" in the 14th Judicial District, opened up either in court or to the judge about my illegal surveillance and harassment in order to mitigate their own charges. From the bench, the judge went on about how he has a "fair court and everyone gets a fair trial in his fair court." I suspect that other defendants privy to my illegal surveillance and harassment have successfully used this knowledge to get out of charges in the past, but that appears to be changing.

What's interesting is that the Holmes County Sheriff's department vehicles resumed following me all Saturday morning. They hadn't done this for a while. One person even followed me into and a store. (Hint: in the future, push a shopping cart, put a few items in for props, and don't be too obvious.)I emailed my friend, who lives in another state, that someone, besides himself, is reading his email, and shared it with local "law enforcement" here in Holmes County, FL.

I was up and about early this Sunday morning and didn't notice anything unusual, until later on about 10:00 a.m. when I noticed that the door to the greenhouse was open. The door shuts tight and holds up to even strong winds. The green house is located on the north side of the house about 20 feet from the utility pole that has the illegal serial numbered "law enforcement" surveillance device. Some one had left the door open within the last hour or so and it wasn't me or any family member. It wasn't open earlier this morning. I wonder if someone took a peek inside when I mentioned aloud to a family member that I was going to turn on the heater in the greenhouse tonight because the temp will drop below freezing, and he wanted to see what kind of heater?

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